We are pleased to announce SuperCheck-SC22 keynote speaker.

Johann Lombardi  

Johann Lombardi is a senior principal engineer in the Super Computing Group (SCG) at Intel. He is the lead architect of the Distributed Asynchronous Object Store (DAOS). Prior to DAOS, Johann led the sustaining team in charge of the Lustre filesystem worldwide support for 5 years at Cluster Filesystem, Sun, Oracle and Whamcloud. He then transitioned to research programs (Fast Forward, ESSIO & Path Forward) at Intel to lead the development of a nextgen storage stack for Exascale HPC, Big Data and AI that resulted into DAOS.


Title: DAOS: Nextgen Storage Stack for HPC and AI

Abstract: DAOS is an open-source scale-out object store designed from the ground up to deliver extremely high bandwidth/IOPS and low latency I/Os to the most demanding data-intensive workloads. It aims at supporting nextgen scientific workflows combining simulation, big data and AI in a single storage tier. DAOS presents a rich and scalable storage interface that allows efficient storage of both structured and unstructured data. DAOS supports multiple application interfaces including a parallel filesystem, Hadoop/Spark connector, TensorFlow-IO, native Python bindings, HDF5, MPI-IO as well as domain-specific data models like SEGY. Many DAOS deployments are underway including a 230PB installation connected to the ALCF’s Aurora system and a 1PB DAOS system for LRZ’s SuperMUC-NG phase 2. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of the DAOS architecture, the software ecosystem, and the Aurora deployment.